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Swastika Education & Awareness Campaign (SEAC)


SEAC (Swastika Education and Awareness Campaign), is an initiative of CoHNA to spread the awareness of the Swastika, one of the most ancient and sacred symbols for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains worldwide for thousands of years. We aim to promote mutual understanding and respect between communities to impart much needed education on this symbol and remove misconceptions while condemning bigotry, hate, and antisemitism.

Hitler’s symbol of hate was never called “Swastika,” a Sanskrit word that means “to be well.” He called his symbol a “Hakenkreuz”(German for “hooked cross”).

Words, context, and intentions matter.

Information booklet on Swastika

Share this illustrated booklet with family, friends, colleagues, policymakers and others to increase awareness about the Swastika.

Steven Heller literally wrote a book on why the Swastika is “irredeemable”.  See what changed his mind.  

See the in-depth article in USA Today discussing the importance of the Swastika to various faith communities across the globe

Nikunj Trivedi explores the history of the Hakenkreuz and how it came to be conflated with the Swastika

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