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CoHNA joins millions of Hindus worldwide in celebrating the groundbreaking of the Rama Temple in Ayodhya, India. We strongly condemns those peddling Hinduphobia and hatred against Bhagwan Rama.

On August 5th, 2020, Hindus around the world will be celebrating the groundbreaking of the Rama Temple in Ayodhya. Hindus have waited for this historic moment for nearly 500 years, after the grand temple dedicated to Bhagwan Rama at this site was destroyed at the orders of Mughal king Babur, and a mosque was built on top of it.

The path to reconstruction of the temple was finally cleared by a landmark verdict by the Supreme Court of India on November 9, 2019. Recognizing the significance of the site for Hindus and the clear archeological evidence for the previous existence of a Hindu temple, the Supreme Court handed over the disputed site to a trust for the construction of a temple. The Supreme Court’s decision was based on findings of noted archaeologists such as B.B. Lal and K.K. Muhammed, along with other important pieces of evidence and records. What’s more, as recently as May 2020, additional remains of ancient.

Hindu temples, pillars and images of deities were found at the Rama Temple site in Ayodhya, further solidifying the proof for the existence of a Hindu temple at the site, before it was destroyed.

The Rama Janmabhoomi (“birthplace of Rama”) issue has long been a source of tension between the Hindu and Muslim communities of the Indian subcontinent. The Supreme Court verdict has largely been welcomed by the Muslim community of India and there is now hope of an enduring resolution of this issue.

Over 135 spiritual leaders from various Hindu sects, along with some prominent Muslim leaders, are expected to attend the temple groundbreaking ceremony on Aug 5th.

It is unfortunate that certain South Asian groups, with a long history of spreading Hinduphobia, are using this temple groundbreaking ceremony to promote misunderstanding and hatred toward Hindus.

Some have even gone as far as using hashtags laden with profanity against the temple in their Instagram messages, and encouraging their supporters to take selfies while using profane signs pointing at Bhagwan Rama’s images when they are displayed on the billboards at Times Square on August 5th.

Hindus around the world are celebrating this historic occasion out of their religious beliefs and the joy to see a dream fulfilled after nearly 500 years of struggle (in which, even other dharmic traditions have participated). By deeming images of Bhagwan Rama as “displays of hate,” anti-Hindu groups clearly demonstrate bigotry and hatred towards all Hindus. Unfortunately, they have a history of peddling Hinduphobia – from calling Bhagwan Rama a misogynist, to endorsing dangerous views labeling Hinduism as “spiritual fascism,” to calling Hinduism a deeply oppressive religion.

CoHNA strongly condemns such actions and motives and urges all to respect the sentiments of millions of Hindus, along with the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Ram Janmabhoomi. We also call upon the Hindu community to take note of such bigotry and intolerance, which often goes unchallenged and leads to dangerous consequences for young, impressionable minds, who are already dealing with many misconceptions about Hinduism within schools and colleges.



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