Coalition of Hindus of North America

Urge NYC Mayor Eric Adams and the City Council to Declare Diwali as a Public Holiday

Urge NYC City Council and Mayor Eric Adams to Declare Diwali as a School Holiday

CoHNA, in partnership with the Federation of Hindu Mandirs and USA Pandits Parishad, urges you to sign the respective petition below and join us in our efforts to recognize Diwali as a school holiday in New York City. The most diverse city in the world does not have Diwali as a holiday, thus making it difficult for the hundreds of thousands of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs to celebrate this important religious and cultural holiday with full enthusiasm and festivities. New York City has school holidays for other major religions as well as ethnic communities. It is time to recognize the importance of Diwali for New Yorkers by making this a school holiday following several years of demands by our communities. 

Interested in being part of this exciting campaign? please email us at info[at]cohna[dot]org to join the team today!

NOTE: The below is for NYC residents only. Your address is required to look up the appropriate City Council member and will not be stored or used for anything else.

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