May 23, 2024, California: A new report from California Civil Rights department compiles and analyzes data from their “CA vs Hate” hotline launched last year. The startling data shows that nearly a quarter of reported hate incidents in the religion category targeted Hindus! Anti-Jewish incidents topped the list at 36.9%, and anti-Hindu hate came in second-accounting for 23.3% ! Anti -Muslim hate comprised 14.6% of the incidents.

This echoes the lived experiences of many of us in the Hindu community, who have seen bigotry and hate against us glossed over, explained away and even denied. FBI data and research from universities like Rutgers have documented the growing hate against Hindus in America. The rash of attacks on individuals and on Hindu temples from New York to California has brought the problem home in a most visceral way, traumatizing the community and impacting the ability of some to freely practice their faith. Hinduphobia is a growing problem.


Just recently CoHNA released data on the long list of attacks on Hindus in the US ! In just the two months between December 2023 and January 2024, we saw a series of attacks on Hindu Temples in the Bay Area  – six or more in just two months between. The situation got so bad that five Congressional Representatives recently wrote a letter to the Department of Justice asking for more focused attention and action. 


Earlier CoHNA has held three Congressional Briefings on different aspects of Hinduphobia in 2021 and  2022  featuring expert testimony from academics, researchers and educationists and counselled traumatized victims.


CoHNA is “cautiously optimistic” that the data collected by CRD and analyzed by Berkeley will stand up to public and peer scrutiny and will reflect true instances of hateful behavior. While we know that Hinduphobia is real, we check and approach each set of numbers as one data point.


We ask for an urgent escalation to further study, recognize and tackle this growing menace of Hinduphobia!