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Navratri brings a sense of divinity, celebration, connection with the Devi – the Feminine Divine! All over the vast Indian subcontinent and in many of its surrounding regions, people celebrate the Feminine Divine as Devi or Shakti in different forms and with gaiety–for nine nights running. For Hindus the world over, this is an important time.

The Devi is worshipped as a soft gentle force or a fierce one with strength and valor who upholds the laws of nature and that of the cosmic order. Joyful celebrations ensue in homes, temples, small shrines, in little hamlets, villages, towns and cities! Women, men and children dress up in their finest, perform puja, sing bhajans, kirtans, dance to garba, dandia and raas and visit one another, with much joy and aplomb.

Looking to understand more about the festival or share with your friends, family, colleagues or neighbors?

We have developed a slide deck and a video on the festival of Navratri for schools, colleges, universities, teachers, parents, corporates, diversity groups in companies, volunteers who are interested in taking it to their law enforcement officers, lawmakers, city council members, school boards, public officials, yoga studios, community organizations, interfaith groups etc. In addition, we also provide a link to a beautiful 2 pager from Hinduism Today.

Simply download the slide deck, which comes complete with speaker notes. Customize it to make it yours and share/present to others! Or, share the video in your social media networks! Or download the 2 pager from Hinduism Today to complement the slide deck, print it and share it! Check out additional links and resources below as well.

Please do contact us at if you need any help with this presentation or any other resources!

Hindu Heritage Month is recognized in several states in the U.S. (Florida, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts) in October, and in Ontario, Canada in November. So, make sure to do your part to celebrate and spread the word. Share the resources. Join a Navratri garba celebration in your city or temple. Find out how the Feminine is revered, respected and regarded! Dance along, share sweets and desserts, accept the blessings of Devi, Shakti, Cosmic Energy that pervades everything in this universe.

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