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Holi – Celebrate the triumph of good over evil!

Holi is one of the most iconic Hindu festivals – characterized by large jubilant crowds spraying colorful pink, orange and yellow powder on one another. Per the Hindu lunar calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Phalguna during purnima (full moon). Known by many names such as Phagwa, Dulhendi and Rang Panchami, it heralds the coming of the summer season and celebrates the triumph of good over evil.  An important part of Holi is the ritual bonfire which symbolizes the burning of impurities from the mind. 

The festival derives its names from the legends associated with Prahlad, a young boy who  survived an attempt by his aunt Holika  to kill him due to his  supreme devotion to Bhagwan Vishnu. In Vrindavan and Nandgoan, the birthplace of Krishna, the festival is uniquely celebrated for seven days and has special associations with Vaishnava bhakti traditions. 

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Below you will find a slide deck and video on the festival of Holi to educate schools, universities, corporations, DEI groups, family and friends. Perhaps you want to educate your local lawmakers, police officers, city council representatives, community organization, yoga studios or interfaith leaders on our sacred traditions?

Simply download the slide deck, which comes complete with speaker notes. Customize it to make it yours and share/present to others! Check out additional links and resources below as well.

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