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Diwali (also known as Deepavali) is the most popular Hindu festival, celebrating the victory of Dharma (righteousness) or Adharma (unrighteousness) as well as the triumph of darkness over light. Diwali, which means, a “Row of Lights” has many stories associated with the festival – especially marking the return of Shree Rama along with Devi Sita and Shree Laxmana to Ayodhya after completing fourteen years in exile and defeating Ravana of Lanka.

By celebrating Diwali, we not only remember the glorious history and life of Shree Rama, Devi Sita, and Shree Laxmana but we reflect on the ideals and principles of righteousness and the pursuit of knowledge and strive for the welfare of society and all existence.

For Hindus around the world, this is an important time of connecting with the Divine, celebrating life and all that we have been given, spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food, wearing beautiful clothes, and in various places, bursting fireworks!

Looking to understand more about the festival or share with your friends, family, colleagues or neighbors?

Use our slide deck and our video explaining simple steps to conduct a Diwali Puja to talk about Diwali in schools, colleges, universities, corporations, diversity groups in companies, law enforcement officers, lawmakers, city council members, school boards, public officials, community organizations, interfaith groups, etc.

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Go out and join some of the community celebrations and fireworks shows! Of course, use caution and follow appropriate local restrictions on COVID and social gatherings!

Happy Diwali!

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