Coalition of Hindus of North America

Urge universities to condemn the “Dismantling Global Hindutva” Conference and hold their departments accountable for sponsoring bigotry and hatred against Hindus.

The conference organizers, along with their chosen speakers, openly attacked Hinduism and Hindus using blatantly false information and exaggerated statements– going as far as saying that Hinduism inspired Nazism and is a danger to democracy, equality and brotherhood, as well as singling out Hindu last names and labeling them as advocates of violence.

While we fully appreciate the universities’ commitment to creating a space free from prejudice and discrimination that respects diversity, sponsorship of this event belies the exact opposite, sowing seeds of bigotry and Hinduphobia.

By supporting this conference in any capacity, the universities have put Hindus in harm’s way and gaslighted our lived experiences, silenced our religious expression, and caused us mental trauma. Consider the impact on Hindu students on campuses, many of whom are not going to report the trauma and abuse, since they are here on non-immigrant visas and do not understand the system or feel safe voicing concerns. How are sponsorships of such events in line with the university’s mission to provide a safe, enriching space for students of diverse backgrounds, including Hindus?

Academic freedom cannot be a cover for promoting bigotry and hate.


The infographic lays out hateful and Hinduphobic statements made during the conference as well as their potential impact on Hindu students and faculty.


Send an email expressing your concerns to the universities whose departments sponsored this hateful event.


Are you a student, alumnus or parent?

Download a sample letter below to customize and send to your university’s administration (e.g. Chancellor, Provost, Dean of Students Affairs, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Head of Alumni Relations, etc.). Make sure to add your name or your child’s name and university.