Coalition of Hindus of North America

“Caste” and US Universities

UC Davis Banner
Repurposing Hate and Hinduphobia – The UC Davis “Caste” Resolution

Far from fighting discrimination, the ASUCD senate resolution paints a target on the Hindu Community’s backs…

Cal State Student Association Logo
CoHNA’s response to the Cal Poly resolution on “Caste”

On April 10, the California State Student Association (CSSA), a body claiming to represent 482,000 students pushed a resolution through targeting the Hindu American minority

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Harvard’s problematic announcement of “Caste” Bias Protections for Graduate Students

Harvard recently announced “Caste” Bias Protection for Graduate Students..


Constructing “Caste” in California

Earlier this year, the California State University (CSU) System Board of Trustees voted…

The impact of the anti-Hindu rhetoric on “caste” in America

This rhetoric has a chilling effect on Hindu students at these universities….