Coalition of Hindus of North America

CoHNA invites you to its 2nd Annual Hindu Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, July 11th!

On this day, Hindu Americans will engage with their lawmakers on Capitol Hill, educate them on issues impacting the Hindu community and ensure that the lawmakers are able to see the collective power and representation of Hindu Americans from various spheres of life. This event is also an opportunity to network with fellow delegates and organizational leaders and build long term relationships and develop goodwill with elected officials and policymakers.

Last year’s Advocacy Day was attended by over 15 lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. And, for the first time, these lawmakers got a chance to learn about Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu bigotry and how this affects the community – highlighted in the findings from the groundbreaking study on anti-Hindu disinformation and Hinduphobia by the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) at Rutgers University. Their work — which was summarized by lead researcher and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Joel Finkelstein — uncovered a sharp spike in anti-Hindu hatred in online channels and a growth in Hinduphobia. It also warned that such online hatred is an indicator of real world violence, as exemplified by their previous research on antisemitism, which saw how similar patterns lead to attacks on the American Jewish community.

This year’s event will feature scholars, activists and researchers who will shed light on some of the pressing issues that the community is concerned about, along with a showcase of our vibrant culture and heritage. 

We also encourage attendees to reach out and set up meetings with with their elected representatives before the main event and support a legislative agenda that would benefit Hindus and all Americans, and protect their civil rights.


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