CoHNA Applauds Alberta’s Decision to Declare August as Hindu Heritage Month

Toronto, Canada. August 1, 2020. CoHNA applauded the province of Alberta’s decision to declare August as Hindu Heritage Month, an important development recognizing the diversity of traditions practiced by Canadians and more specifically Albertans.
Sharing her perspectives on celebrating Hindu Heritage Month in Alberta, Honorable Leela Aheer, the Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women, added: “I am proud to declare August 2020 as Hindu Heritage Month in Alberta to recognize this diverse community and its contributions to our province.  Hinduism is a beautiful faith that reveres all living creatures and teaches respect for different beliefs.”
The decision comes after efforts from various Hindu organizations such as the Sanatan Sanskruti Manch and the Bharatiya Multicultural Society of Alberta, who petitioned the Government of Alberta to officially declare August as Hindu Heritage Month. Hindus celebrate major festivals such as Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami with lots of joy and fervor in August.
“It is great to see the efforts of Hindus bear fruit and provide a way to celebrate our heritage every year,” remarked Vishnu Mohan, one of CoHNA’s Canadian coordinators. “In today’s world, such gestures go a long way in creating a more vibrant, inclusive and harmonious society.”
Alberta is home to Hindus from all over the world, including but not limited to India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Fiji, Guyana, Kenya and other parts of Asia and Africa. Canadian Hindus have made many important contributions to the country’s cultural, economic and social progress, and have enriched its diversity.
Hindu Heritage Month provides an excellent opportunity for non-Hindus to learn more about Hindu traditions and develop a greater appreciation for beliefs and practices of their Hindu neighbors. It is a way for Hindus to celebrate and educate future generations about their culture and heritage. In December 2016, Ontario declared November to be celebrated as Hindu Heritage Month, given the sizable Hindu population in the province and the fact that the popular Hindu festival of Diwali often falls in November.
CoHNA thanks Honorable Leela Aheer for this important declaration and for encouraging the celebration of diversity and greater cultural understanding in the province.