Coalition of Hindus of North America

About us

CoHNA (pronounced: “Kohnaa”), is a grassroots advocacy group representing the Hindu community of North America. The coalition seeks to protect the collective interests of the Hindu community by working on the issues faced by them and educating the public about Hindu heritage and tradition.

It is building a movement to empower Hindus whereby they can become meaningful contributors and active participants in their local communities on a wide range of issues. In its endeavors, it will partner with various Hindu and non-Hindu organizations towards a vibrant society of today and tomorrow – one that can stand upon the pillars of mutual respect, pluralism and sustainability.

Through its grassroots level work, CoHNA will make an impact on how Hinduism and India are discussed in the North American mainstream – among the youth, in the media and within political circles. We believe that, through mutual respect and understanding, we can make the world a better place, enriched with values and practices from various religious and traditional paths – including Hinduism. Hinduism and India’s ancient culture have enriched the world through millennia and continue to do so even today. As descendants of that heritage and as citizens of the United States and Canada, we hope to continue this, so that our countries can reap the benefits of these treasures and develop a better understanding of our religious and cultural practices.


CoHNA’s work is inspired by Hindu concepts of Dharma (righteousness/duty), Ekta (unity), and Viveka (right understanding). We will uphold the “unity in diversity” that is a paramount feature of Hindu heritage. When we unite for a common cause, we can make an impact and ensure that our future generations live in a world that is more accepting and appreciative of their Hindu identity and values.


Be a voice for Hindus in North America while advocating for human rights worldwide

To promote grassroots level interaction and coordination to counter biases and misinformation about Hindus.

To champion pluralistic expressions of Hindu identity based on mutual respect for traditions worldwide.


Civil Rights

We will raise awareness, seek justice and stand up for the rights of Hindus and for the accurate portrayal of Hinduism and its values, while also engaging with other organizations on areas of mutual interest.


We will engage with Hindu youth in high school and colleges to develop pride in its heritage and a greater understanding of Hindu issues and history. In addition, we will work with school and college administrators on topics related to Hinduism and India.


We will engage and partner with journalists, writers, media outlets, etc. on matters related to Hindus and to ensure that our religious and cultural practices are accurately portrayed to the North American public.


We will engage with local and state/province level politicians, township officials, boards of education, etc. to make them aware of issues that are important to Hindus, and to support their voices on key topics impacting our community.